Re-Entry: ORSES

The ORS Enabler Satellite satellite, launched on a Minotaur rocket as part of the ORS-3 cluster mission, re-entered on January 3, 2016 after over two years in orbit.

NORAD ID: 39386
Origin: USA
Object: ORSES
Type: 3U CubeSat
Mass: ~3kg
Inclination: 40.5°
Launched: November 20, 2013 – 01:15 UTC
Launch Vehicle: Minotaur I
Launch Site: Wallops, Virinia, USA

Re-Entry Prediction: January 3, 2016 – 00:00 UTC +/-2 Minutes
Re-Entry Zone: Pacific Ocean, American West Coast

The ORSES satellite or ORS Enabler Satellite  is a 3U CubeSat that is used to receive data from multiple Unattended Ground Sensors and sends data to a ground stations within the satellite’s field of view. The satellite provides real time voice and text message and data relay from tactical radio systems. ORSES provides secure communications services using a Software Defined Radio and Type-1 encryption module.

Re-Entry Zone
Image: Spaceflight101/Orbitron
Image: Spaceflight101/Orbitron