India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is set for liftoff from the Satish Dhawan Space Center on Thursday at 3:59 UTC on the country's fourth orbital space launch of 2017. Hidden under the rocket's payload fairing is CartoSat-2E, weighing in at 712kg and representing the primary payload of the mission, plus 30 smaller satellites from 15 countries with a cumulative mass of 243 Kilograms. 

Live Video by DoordarshanNational.

Launch Date: June 23, 20178 Lemur-2
Launch Time: 3:59 UTC8 QB50
Launch Vehicle: PSLV XL3 Diamonds
Launch Site: FLP, Satish DhawanCE-Sat 1
Ascent Mission: 23 Minutes & 19 SecondsD-Sat
Payload: 104 Satellites (955kg)Aalto-1
Target Orbits: 505km, 97.44°CICERO
 Launch UpdatesMax Valier Sat
PSLV RocketVenta-1
Launch ProfileNIUSAT
Launch ProfilePSLV C38 1U CubeSats