Proton-M - Intelsat 31 - Flight Profile

Time Event
T-0:00:02.50 Ignition Sequence Start
T-0:00:01.75 Ignition - 40% Thrust
T-0:00:00.90 Stage 1 at 100% Thrust
T+0:01:02 Maximum Dynamic Pressure
T+0:01:59 Stage 2 Ignition Command
T+0:01:59.7 Stage 1 Shutdown
T+0:01:59.7 Stage 1/2 Separation
T+0:05:24 Stage 3 Vernier Ignition Command
T+0:05:27 Stage 2 Shutdown & Separation
T+0:05:30 Stage 3 Main Ignition Command
T+0:05:47 Payload Fairing Separation
T+0:09:31 Third Stage Main Engine Cutoff
T+0:09:41 Third Stage Vernier Cutoff
T+0:09:42 3rd Stage / Briz-M Separation
T+0:11:15.0 Briz-M First Ignition
Burn Duration: 4 min & 17 sec
T+0:15:32.0 Briz-M Shutdown
T+1:50:30.0 Briz-M Second Ignition
Burn Duration: 19 min & 47 sec
T+2:10:17.0 Briz-M Shutdown
T+4:23:49.0 Briz-M Third Ignition
Burn Duration: 8 min & 58 sec
T+4:32:47.0 Briz-M Shutdown
T+4:33:37.0 APT Separation
T+4:35:04.0 Briz-M Fourth Ignition
Burn Duration: 9 min & 3 sec
T+4:44:07.0 Briz-M Shutdown
T+15:15:05.0 Briz-M Fifth Ignition
Burn Duration: 3 min & 4 sec
T+15:18:09.0 Briz-M Shutdown
T+15:31:00.0 Spacecraft Separation

To deliver the Intelsat 31 Spacecraft to an optimized Supersynchronous Transfer Orbit, the Proton-M Rocket will perform a nominal ascent mission and deliver the Orbital Unit consisting of a Briz-M Upper Stage and the Payload to a sub-orbital trajectory. The three-stage Proton-M Rocket will launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan and operate for nine minutes and 42 seconds to send the Briz-M upper stage on its way.

After separation, the Orbital Unit will start powered flight by igniting the Briz-M Main Engine to place itself in a Low-Earth Parking Orbit. In total, the Briz-M Upper Stage will make five Main Engine Burns separated by coast phases to increase its orbital altitude in a methodical fashion. Burns 2, 3 and 4 are dedicated to raising the high point of the orbit to 65,000 Kilometers while the fifth and final burn raises the perigee and optimizes the orbital inclination. After all burns are complete, the Satellite will be separated 15 Hours and 31 Minutes after Liftoff and start its own mission lasting for 15 years.


Flight Design
Parking Orbit: 
173 by 173 Kilometers
Inclination: 51.6°
Intermediate Orbit:
290 by 6,000 Kilometers
Inclination: 51.0°
Transfer Orbit:
475 by 65,038 Kilometers
Inclination: 50.5°
Injection Orbit - SSTO:
3,503 by 65,000 Kilometers
Inclination: 29.6°
Map: International Launch Services
Map: International Launch Services
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Image: International Launch Services
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Image: Khrunichev