Proton-M - Eutelsat 9B - Flight Profile

Time Event
T-0:00:02.50 Ignition Sequence Start
T-0:00:01.75 Ignition - 40% Thrust
T-0:00:00.90 Stage 1 at 100% Thrust
T+0:01:02 Maximum Dynamic Pressure
T+0:01:59 Stage 2 Ignition Command
T+0:01:59.7 Stage 1 Shutdown
T+0:01:59.7 Stage 1/2 Separation
T+0:05:24 Stage 3 Vernier Ignition Command
T+0:05:27 Stage 2 Shutdown & Separation
T+0:05:30 Stage 3 Main Ignition Command
T+0:05:47 Payload Fairing Separation
T+0:09:31 Third Stage Main Engine Cutoff
T+0:09:41 Third Stage Vernier Cutoff
T+0:09:42 3rd Stage / Briz-M Separation
T+0:11:16.0 Briz-M First Ignition
Burn Duration: 4 min & 31 sec
T+0:15:47.0 Briz-M Shutdown
T+1:07:33.0 Briz-M Second Ignition
Burn Duration: 17 min & 44 sec
T+1:25:17.0 Briz-M Shutdown
T+3:28:13.0 Briz-M Third Ignition
Burn Duration: 13 min & 40 sec
T+3:41:53.0 Briz-M Shutdown
T+3:42:43.0 APT Separation
T+3:44:10.0 Briz-M Fourth Ignition
Burn Duration: 3 min & 51 sec
T+3:48:01.0 Briz-M Shutdown
T+8:51:48.0 Briz-M Fifth Ignition
Burn Duration: 8 min & 7 sec
T+8:59:55.0 Briz-M Shutdown
T+9:12:00.0 Spacecraft Separation

To deliver the Eutelsat 9B Spacecraft to an optimized Geostationary Transfer Orbit, the Proton-M Rocket will perform a nominal ascent mission and deliver the Orbital Unit consisting of a Briz-M Upper Stage and the Payload to a sub-orbital trajectory. The large Proton-M Rocket will launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan.

Separating after 9 Minutes and 42 Seconds, the Orbital Unit will start powered flight by igniting the Briz-M Main Engine to place itself in a Low-Earth Parking Orbit. In total, the Briz-M Upper Stage will make five Main Engine Burns separated by coast phases to increase its orbital altitude in a methodical fashion. After all burns are complete, the Satellite will be separated 9 Hours and 12 Minutes after Liftoff and start its own mission lasting for 15 years.


Flight Design
Parking Orbit: 
173 by 173 Kilometers
Inclination: 51.6°
Intermediate Orbit:
270 by 5,000 Kilometers
Inclination: 50.3°
Transfer Orbit:
435 by 35,713 Kilometers
Inclination: 49.1°
Injection Orbit - GTO:
4,444 by 35,696 Kilometers
Inclination: 12.8°
Map: International Launch Services
Map: International Launch Services
Image: International Launch Services
Image: International Launch Services
Image: Khrunichev
Image: Khrunichev
Image: Khrunichev
Image: Khrunichev