Progress MS-08 Cargo Manifest

Item Mass
Total Cargo Upmass 2,494kg
Refueling Propellant for Transfer to ISS Tanks 640kg
Pressurized Oxygen/Air for ISS Repressurization 24/22kg
Water inside Rodnik Tank 420kg
Total Dry Cargo Mass 1,388 kg
Medical Supplies (medical aid kits, medical monitoring system, crew clothing, cleaning supplies, countermeasures, etc.) 20kg
Food Provisions (food containers, fresh food, etc.) 282kg
Water System Components (Membrane Filters, Purification Columns, Water Tank, Replaceable Parts, etc.) 96kg
Personal Protective Items 31kg
Hygiene Supplies & Clothing 187kg
Electrical Power System Hardware 160kg
Atmospheric Maintenance System (Absorbers, Gas Analyzers, Replaceable Parts for Atmospheric Maintenance Syste, etc.) 35kg
Thermal Control System Hardware 57kg
Complex Maintenance Supplies 12kg
Crew Support (flight data files,care packages for the crew, video & still cameras, etc.) 36kg
Science Payloads & Experiment Replaceable Parts 194kg
Fire Protection Gear 9kg
Outfitting Hardware for FGB, Pirs, Rassvet 167kg
NASA Cargo for USOS & RSOS Crews 103kg