NPP Mission Personnel

Science Team:

Project Scientist: Dr. James Gleason
Gleason has been a scientist at Goddard Space Flight Center since 1989 when he started as research scientist. Gleason was also involved in Headquarters Operations as the Tropospheric Chemistry Program Manager for the International Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation project. He is involved in various other missions next to NPP such as Aura. Gleason will also be the project scientist for JPSS that is being readied for operation in 2016.

Deputy Project Scientist: Dr. Christina Hsu
Hsu started at Goodard in 2005 and is a physical scientist in the Climate and Radiation Branch, Laboratory for Atmospheres. She has been a member of science teams for other Earth Observing Missions. For NPP, she is involved in VIIRS, CERES and TOMS science teams focusing on aerosols and their effects in the atmosphere. Hsu has developed algorithms for retrieving aerosol optical properties over bright desert surfaces and urban environment.

Deputy Project Scientist for Instruments and Calibration: Dr. James Butler

Butler is the calibration scientist for the Earth Observing System since 1995 and he is a part of the NPP team since 2004. In addition to that, he is an optical physicist in the Biospheric Sciences Branch at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Principal Investigator of the branch’s Radiometric and Diffuser Calibration Laboratories.

Program Scientist: Dr. Diane Wickland

Sensor Scientists:

VIIRS: Dr. Wayne Esaias
CrIS: Dr. Joel Susskind
ATMS: Dr. Ed Kim
OMPS: Dr. Scott Janz


Project Manager: Ken Schwer

Schwer has worked at Goddard for more than 21 years and has been involved in a broad variety of technical and management positions. He started at NASA as electrical engineer and Carrier Manager for the UARS Deployment Mission and the first Hubble Servicing Mission. He has been a manager for various Earth observing missions, including GOES, QuikScat and QuickTOMS. Schwer was also a part of the Solar Dynamics Observatory management team. He has worked many missions from inception though launch often with involvement of other agencies.

Deputy Project Manager: Rob Lilly

Deputy Project Manager for Resources: Lyle E. Tiffany
Tiffany began working at Goodard Space Flight Center 37 years ago and has held many positions during his career. He started as resource analyst in the Projects Directorate. Tiffany participated in different management and budget teams. In 1980, he was the Head of the Project and Functional Support Section of the Budget Branch. Nine years later, he joined the TDRS (Tracking and Data Relay Satellite) Project as resource analyst on the TDRS F-7 replacement effort. Later, he became the financial manager for TDRSS. He worked in the TDRSS team until 2005 when he transferred to NPP. For this mission, he will be responsible for developing and managing the project resources including the financials, schedules, budgets, procurement, configuration management and general business support.

Observatory Manager: Lisa Shears
Mission System Integration and Test Manager: Pete Phillips
Financial Manager: Jim Smith
Science Data Segment Manager: Robert Schweiss
Mission Readiness Manager: Clay Deyarmin
Project Implementation Manager: Raymond Pages


Chief Engineer: lenn Iona