ISS Operations Update – April 1, 2016

Washington DC - Photo: NASA
Washington DC – Photo: NASA

Strata-I Payload Experiment – Solid State Power Control Module (SSPCM) channel for Express Rack 8 suffered an overcurrent trip during activation, troubleshooting us underway. [Strata-I investigates the properties and behavior of regolith, the impact-shattered soil found on asteroids, comets, the Moon and other airless bodies. Regolith is different from soil on Earth in that it contains no living material. The behavior of regolith in microgravity is virtually unknown and has obvious implications when attempting to anchor a spacecraft in regolith. Strata-1 also studies how regolith interacts with spacecraft and spacesuit material and whether it is possible to process large volumes of regolith.]

Integrated Resistance and Aerobic Training Study (Sprint) [This study evaluates a high-intensity, low-volume exercise protocol to minimize the loss of muscle, bone and cardiovascular function but also minimizing the time spent with daily exercise. To asses the protocol, crew members conduct regular measurements of VO2max, heart rate (HR) response to submaximal exercise and ventilatory threshold. Monthly ultrasounds of the thigh and calf are used to evaluate spaceflight-induced changes in the muscle volume. Post-flight data on muscle and bone mass is compared to pre-flight measurements and to data from control subjects that use the regular exercise protocol.]

Habitability [Assessment of International Space Station Vehicle Habitability will see teams on the ground study video of the behavior of crew members within the habitable environment of ISS while the crew fills out questionnaires and collects video of areas of interest in order to provide an assessment of the habitability of ISS in its current state for a one-year mission. Results will be used to develop spacecraft with improved habitability properties to allow crew members to optimally utilize the onboard space.]


Nominal Inspections/Servicing Tasks (Morning Inspection, Caution & Warning Panel Check, Sozh System Maintenance) (Russian Crew)

Extravehicular Mobility Units #3005 & #3008 loop scrubs and water sampling.

Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF) Cell Mechanosensing Humidifier Installation [The Cell Mechanosensing study aims to identify mechanisms of gravity sensing on a cellular level using skeletal muscle cells in order to help the development of countermeasures to muscle atrophy.]

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-02 (AMS-02) Hard Drive Change Out

Combustion Integrated Rack (CIR) Alignment Guide Installation

Common Communications for Visiting Vehicles (C2V2) Health and Status Checkout – The newly installed external and internal systems of the C2V2 system were powered up for the first time. Both communiction strings were powered on and all data was nominal.

Node 3 Hatch Unlatch and Latch Test

Other Activities:

Education Payload Operations (EPO) Destination Space Recording Session

Weekly Housekeeping

Service Module Preventive Maintenance, Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning in Russian Modules

Progress MS-02 Docking Conference