ISS Operations Update – January 20, 2016

Photo: NASA
Photo: NASA

Airway Monitoring [This study looks at the occurrence and indicators of airway inflammation in ISS crew members as the result of dust particles present aboard the Space Station. The experiment uses ultra-sensitive gas analyzers to study exhaled air to assess the health impacts related to dust, especially for longer duration missions for which crew members have to be self-sufficient in atmospheric maintenance and the treatment of potential health conditions. Airway inflammation will be assessed by measuring exhaled nitric oxide. This type of diagnostic may also find application on Earth for the monitoring of asthma or other inflammatory airway diseases.]

Ocular Health – Fundoscope Exams [OH is a new human physiology study. Its full name is Prospective Observational Study of Ocular Health in ISS Crews. “The Prospective Observational Study of Ocular Health in ISS Crews (Ocular Health) protocol aims to systematically gather physiological data to characterize the Risk of Microgravity-Induced Visual Impairment/Intracranial Pressure on crewmembers assigned to a 6 month ISS increment,” the NASA experiment overview said. It is known that some (not all) astronauts in orbit experience changes in visual acuity (visual clarity) and intraocular pressure as a result of fluid shifts within the body as it is subjected to microgravity. About 20% is astronauts flying to ISS have reported these kinds of changes. Test subjects will undergo pre-flight, flight and post-flight testing of their eyes using a variety of techniques.]

Cardio Ox – [„The purpose of this study is to measure levels of biomarkers in blood and urine that are affected by oxidative and inflammatory stress before, during, and after long duration spaceflight and relate them to the risk of developing atherosclerosis.“ (NASA)]


Nominal Inspections/Servicing Tasks (Morning Inspection, Caution & Warning Panel Check, Sozh System Maintenance) (Russian Crew)

Other Activities:

Post-EVA Operations: EMU Water Loop Scrubs

Russian EVA-42: Orlan Space Suit & Pirs Airlock Preparations