Launch Profile - Falcon Heavy Demo

Time Event
T-0:00:05 Booster Ignition Sequence
T-0:00:03 Core Ignition Sequence
T-0:00:00 Liftoff
T~0:00:15 Pitch Kick & Roll Maneuver
T+0:01:06 Maximum Dynamic Pressure, Throttle Down
T~0:02:20 Stage 2 - Merlin Vac Engine Chilldown
T+0:02:29 BECO - Booster Engine Cutoff
T+0:02:33 Booster Separation
T+0:02:50 Booster - Boostback Start
T+0:03:04 MECO - Core Stage Cutoff
T+0:03:07 Stage Separation
T+0:03:15 Mvac Ignition
T+0:03:24 Core Stage Partial Boostback
T+0:03:49 Payload Fairing Jettison
T+0:06:41 Booster - Re-Entry Burn
T+0:06:47 Core Stage Re-Entry Burn
T+0:07:58 Booster Landing at LZ-1 & LZ-2
T+0:08:19 Core Stage Landing on OCISLY
T+0:08:31 SECO - Second Stage Shutdown
T+0:28:22 Second Stage Re-Start
T+0:28:52 SECP-2 - Second Stage Shutdown
T+6 Hours Earth Departure Maneuver

Launch Data

Launch Vehicle: Falcon Heavy
Launch Site: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center
Launch Date: February 6, 2018
Window: 18:30-21:00 UTC
Payload: Tesla Roadster (~1,300kg)

Backup Window: February 7 - 18:30-21:00 UTC

Center Booster: B1033 (New)
Booster 1: B1023.2 (Thaicom 8)
Booster 2: B1025.2 (CRS-9)

Booster Recovery: RTLS to Landing Zone 1 & 2
Core Stage Recovery: OCISLY Drone Ship

Target Orbit: Heliocentric Orbit with Aphelion at Mars Orbital Distance

Credit: SpaceX
Credit: SpaceX
Image: SpaceX
Image: Spaceflight101/Google Earth