Falcon 9 to Launch FormoSat-5

SpaceX's Falcon 9 is set for an unusual launch on Thursday, August 24 - lifting off from California to carry into orbit the FormoSat-5 Earth Observation Satellite for Taiwan's National Space Organization. The mission is unusual because Falcon 9 will be carrying an extremely light load of 475 Kilograms as this launch contract is left over from the abandoned Falcon 1e program, creating a mission that only requires 1/20th of the rocket's performance.

Live Video by SpaceX 

Launch Date: August 24, 2017Launch Updates
Window: 18:51-19:33 UTCFormoSat-5 Satellite
Launch Site: SLC-4E, VandenbergFalcon 9 FT
Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 FTCountdown Timeline
Payload: FormoSat-5 (475kg)Launch Profile
Target Orbit: 720 km circular, 98°SpaceX Archive
First Stage Recovery: ASDS Landing