Launch Profile - Falcon 9 - Dragon SpX-12

Time Event
T-0:00:03 Merlin Engine Ignition
T-0:00:00 Liftoff
T~0:00:16 Pitch Kick & Roll Maneuver
T~0:01:05 Mach 1
T+0:01:08 Maximum Dynamic Pressure, Throttle Down
T~0:01:45 Stage 2 - Merlin Vac Engine Chilldown
T+0:02:25 MECO - First Stage Cutoff
T+0:02:28 Stage Separation
T~0:02:30 1st Stage Maneuver out of 2nd Stage Plume
1st Stage Re-Orientation to Engines first
T+0:02:36 Mvac Ignition
T+:02:41 1st Stage Boostback (45 Sec)
T~0:03:15 Dragon Nose Cone Jettison
T+0:06:09 1st Stage Re-Entry Burn (15-25 sec)
T~0:07:15 1st Stage Landing Burn
T+0:07:43 1st Stage Landing
T+0:08 2nd Stage Terminal Guidance Mode
T+0:08 2nd Stage Flight Termination System safe
T+0:09:14 2nd Stage Engine Shutdown
T+0:10:14 Dragon Separation
T+0:11:00 Dragon Solar Array Deploy
T+2:20:00 Dragon GNC Bay Door Opening

Launch Data

Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 FT
Launch Site: LKC-39A, Kennedy Space Center
Launch Date: August 14, 2017
T-0 Target: 16:31:37 UTC
Payload: Dragon SpX-12 (10,600 kg)

Ascent Duration: 9 Minutes & 14 Seconds

Backup: August 19/20, 2017

Target Orbit:
Type: ISS Transfer Orbit
Perigee: 200 km
Apogee: 360 km
Inclination: 51.6°

ISS Orbit:
Perigee: 401 km
Apogee: 408 km
Inclination: 51.64°
Period: 92.65min

spx12 patch
Launch Safety Areas
Image: Spaceflight101/Google Earth
Image: Spaceflight101/Google Earth