Atlas V - AFSPC-11 - Launch Profile

Launch Timeline

Time Event
T-0:00:02.7 Stage 1 - RD-180 Ignition
T-0 Booster Ignition Command
T+0:00:01.1 Liftoff
T+0:00:02.1 Full Thrust Level
T+0:00:03.9 Pitch/Yaw Maneuver Initiation
T+0:00:34.4 Mach 1
T+0:00:45.9 Maximum Dynamic Pressure
T+0:01:35 Solid Rocket Booster Burnout
T+0:01:47.0 Booster 1 & 2 Separation
T+0:01:48.5 Booster 3, 4 & 5Separation
RL-10C Boost Phase Cool-Down
Centaur RCS Pyro Valve Initiation
T+0:03:31.0 Payload Fairing Jettison
Stage 1 Throttle down for MECO
T+0:04:33.5 Main Engine Cutoff
T+0:04:39.5 Atlas/Centaur Separation
T+0:04:49.5 Centaur Ignition 1 - Burn Duration: 6:01.5
T+0:10:50.7 Centaur Cutoff 1 - Low Earth Orbit
T+0:10:50.7 Coast Phase - Duration: 12:06.7
T+0:22:57.4 Centaur Ignition 2 - Burn Duration: 5:48:9
T+0:28:46.3 Centaur Cutoff 2 - Elliptical Transfer Orbit
T+0:28:46.3 Coast Phase - Duration: 5:05:59.9
T+5:34:46.2 Centaur Ignition 3 - Burn Duration: 2:36.2
T+5:37:22.4 Centaur Cutoff 3 - GEO Drift Orbit
T+5:37:22.4 Spacecraft Separation Window Open
T+6:57:24.3 Spacecraft Separation Window Close
T+6:57:24.4 End of Mission

Launch Data

Launch Date: April 14, 2018
Launch Window: 23:13-01:11 UTC
Launch Site: SLC-41, Cape Canaveral
Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 551
Launch Azimuth: 89.9°
Ascent Duration: 6 Hours and 57 Minutes

Target Orbit

Type: Geostationary Drift Orbit
Altitude: 39,000 km*
Inclination: 0.00°
Eccentricity: 0.00
*ULA Mission Booklet states a semi major axis of 24,498.1 nmi, potentially a typo for 22,498 nmi, corresponding to a more reasonable drift orbit 35,295 km in altitude

Image: ULA
Ground Track Map
Image: United Launch Alliance