ISS Spacewalk Coverage

Coming on the heels of last week's successful spacewalk carried out on the International Space Station, two crew members are set to venture outside again on Friday to integrate the second batch of new Li-Ion batteries to give ISS two functioning power channels driven by Li-Ion battery technology. Friday's six-and-a-half-hour excursion will be conducted by veteran spacewalker Shane Kimbrough and ESA Astronaut Thomas Pesquet, performing his first EVA.

In an extensive robotic and spacewalking effort of nearly three weeks, the Space Station's robots are tasked with removing old Ni-H batteries from the ISS truss and put in place the new units while the crew lends a hand with tasks the robots can not accomplish such as installing adapter plates and connecting data lines.

Date: January 13, 2017EVA Objectives:
EVA Start: 12:05 UTC Retrieve & Install 3 Li-Ion Adapter Plates
Airlock: Quest Relocate Ni-H Battery 4 to Adapter Plates F
EVA Duration: 6 Hours 30 Minutes Connect 3 Adapter Plates to Li-Ion Batteries D, E & F
EVA Preview Troubleshoot Bolts on 1A Bat 1 & 5
ISS Expedition 50 Get Aheads:
Shane KimbroughCamera Assembly Replacement
Thomas Pesquet Node-3 Cover Bag Temp-Stow