Soyuz TMA-19M Landing

A crew of three sets sail on their home-bound journey after spending over half a year aboard the International Space Station. Soyuz TMA-19 Commander Yuri Malenchenko and flight Engineers Tim Kopra of NASA and Tim Peake of ESA are set for undocking in the early hours on Saturday to set up for a parachute-assisted landing in the Kazakh steppe.

Return to Earth: June 18, 2016Mission Updates
Hatch Closure: 02:35 UTCLanding Profile
Undocking: 05:52:30 UTCSoyuz Spacecraft Overview
Deorbit Burn: 08:21:53 UTCSoyuz FG Launch Vehicle
Deorbit Burn: 128m/s, 4min & 37 secSoyuz TMA-19M Flight Profile
Landing: 09:15:06 UTCArchived Launch Coverage
Site: 148km S-E of DzhezkazganPhoto Galleries
Mission Duration: 185 Days, 22 HoursVideo Galleries
 Yuri Malenchenko
 Tim Peake
 Tim Kopra