PSLV to Lift Navigation Satellite

India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is set for liftoff from the Satish Dhawan Space Center on Wednesday at 22:34 UTC, carrying into orbit a critical replacement satellite for the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System. IRNSS-1I will maneuver up into a Geosynchronous Orbit to replace the IRNSS-1A satellite that launched in 2013 and lost all its onboard atomic clocks in 2016 due to short circuits. This marks the first IRNSS launch after the IRNSS-1H satellite was lost in a rare PSLV launch failure in 2017.

Live Video by PTI News

Launch Date: April 11, 2018Launch Updates
Launch Time: 22:34 UTCIRNSS Constellation Overview
Launch Vehicle: PSLV XLPSLV Rocket
Launch Site: FLP, Satish DhawanLaunch Profile
Ascent Mission: 19 Minutes & 20 Seconds 
Payload: IRNSS-1I (1,425kg) 
Target Orbits: 284 x 20,650 km, 19.2°