NASA's OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Explorer takes Flight

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V Rocket is set for liftoff from Cape Canaveral on Thursday at 23:05 UTC to embark on an hour-long climb to boost the OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return spacecraft beyond Earth's gravitational influence and out into the inner solar system. OSIRIS-REx sets out on a seven-year journey to return a sample from the dawn of the Solar System to explore how the building blocks for the formation of life were delivered to Earth.

Launch Date: September 8, 2016Mission Updates
Window: 23:05 - 01:00 UTCCountdown Timeline
Launch Site: SLC-41, Cape CanaveralAtlas V 411 Rocket
Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 411Launch Profile
Payload: OSIRIS-REx (1,210kg)OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft
Ascent Duration: 55 to 59 Minutes Mission Profile
Launch Period: 34 DaysInstrument Overview