GSLV Mk.III - First Orbital Demonstration Mission

India's Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mk. III is aiming for liftoff on June 5, 2017 at 11:58 UTC on a long-awaited demonstration mission, becoming India's heaviest operational launch vehicle to date. The GSLV Mk.III mission carries the GSAT-19 communications satellite which, with a launch mass of 3,136 Kilograms, will become the heaviest satellite launched from India to date.

GSLV Mk.III executed a sub-orbital test mission in late 2014 which demonstrated the hypergolic Core Stage and twin Solid Rocket Boosters. Monday's mission will be the first for India's C25 Cryogenic Upper Stage and CE-20 main engine.

Live Video by DoordarshanNational

Launch Date: June 5, 2017Launch Updates
Window Opening: 11:58 UTCGSLV Launch Vehicle Info
Launch Vehicle: GSLV MK.IIIGSAT-19 Overview
Launch Site: SLP, Satish DhawanLaunch Profile
Ascent Mission: 16 Minutes & 20 SecondsPre-Launch Photos
Payload: GSAT-19 (3,136kg)Indian Archive
Target Orbit: 170 x 35,975km, 21.5°