Atlas V to Launch NROL-52

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket is targeting liftoff on Sunday, October 15, 2017 with the classified NROL-52 Satellite for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. Heading off on its secret mission, Atlas V will depart Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to the south east, dropping its twin boosters two minutes into the flight and handing from the first stage booster to the trusted Centaur Upper stage after passing the four-minute mark. NROL-52, most likely belonging to the Satellite Data System, will then head into orbit without the public watching as Atlas V enters into a pre-arranged news blackout.

Launch Date: October 15, 2017Launch Updates
Window Opening: 07:28 UTCIdentifying NROL-52
Launch Site: SLC-41, Cape CanaveralAtlas V 421 Launch Vehicle
Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 421Countdown Timeline
Payload: NROL-52ULA Archive
Target Orbit: 1,100 x 35,800km, 18.7°