Atlas V Launches EchoStar 19

Embarking on its eighth and final mission of 2016, a ULA Atlas V rocket is set to lift the EchoStar 19 high-capacity broadband satellite into a highly elliptical Supersynchronous Transfer Orbit. Set for liftoff during a two-hour window opening at 18:27 UTC on Sunday, Atlas V will be in action for just over half an hour to boost the heavy satellite into an orbit peaking 65,000 Kilometers in altitude.

Live Video by United Launch Alliance

Launch Date: December 18, 2016Launch Updates
Window: 18:27 - 20:27 UTCEchoStar 19 Satellite
Launch Site: SLC-41, Cape CanaveralAtlas V 431 Launch Vehicle
Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 431Countdown Timeline
Payload: EchoStar 19 (6,640kg)Launch Profile
Ascent Duration: 32 Minutes 
Target Orbit: 204 x 65,000km, 25.44°