Cygnus OA-7 Mission

Orbital ATK's seventh operational Cygnus cargo spacecraft, christened the S.S. John Glenn, is planned to arrive at the International Space Station on Saturday. Launched by a ULA Atlas V on Tuesday, Cygnus remained clear of ISS on Thursday for the fast-track rendezvous of two ISS crew members aboard their Soyuz before the way was clear for Cygnus to approach the Station toward a robotic capture on Saturday, marking the start of a three-month stay.

Launch: April 18, 2017 - 15:11 UTCMission Updates
Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 401Cargo Manifest
Launch Site: SLC-41, Cape CanaveralAtlas V Launch Vehicle
Cargo Upmass: 3,459 KilogramsCygnus Spacecraft
Rendezvous: April 22, 2017Atlas V Countdown Timeline
Capture: 10:05 UTCFlight Profile
Berthing Port: Unity NadirISS Expedition 51
Docked Mission: 80 Days