Photo: ISIS Launch Services
Photo: ISIS Launch Services

BugSat-1, also known as Tita, is an Argentinean technology demonstration satellite developed and operated by Satellogic S.A.

The 22-Kilogram satellite hosts a medium-resolution optical imaging payload that will be tested as part of its mission. The spacecraft also includes amateur radio equipment for outreach activities after the demonstration mission is complete.

Overall, the spacecraft is 27.5 by 50 by 50 centimeters in size and includes body-mounted solar panels and a three-axis stabilization system for pointing to Earth required for the acquisition of ground images. The spacecraft uses a GPS receiver for orbit determination, a UHF communications system and a C-Band radio for telemetry downlink in the UHF band.

The spacecraft tests a medium-resolution optical imaging system capable of acquiring images in multiple spectral bands. The design of the imaging payload will be verified in orbit to provide information for the design of the follow-on satellite, BugSat-2 and eventually an operational constellation of Earth imaging spacecraft.

Once the demonstration mission of the optical imager is complete, BugSat-1 will transition to an outreach mode in which amateur radio operators can receive payload data and use an onboard Digipeater to relay radio messages.