Anik G1

Image: Space Systems/Loral
Image: Space Systems/Loral

Anik G1 is a commercial communications satellite that is becoming a part of the Anik Satellite Fleet of Canadian satellite operator Telesat Canada. The spacecraft was manufactured by Space Systems/Loral and is based on the flight-proven LS-1300 Satellite Bus that can accommodate powerful communication payloads.

The spacecraft is equipped with two deployable solar arrays and onboard batteries for power storage. Anik G1 has 12 Ku-Band and 24 C-Band Transponders as well as 16 transponders operating in extended Ku-Band. The satellite is also equipped with a three-channel X-Band Payload for government use covering the Americas and parts of the Pacific Ocean.

The 16 extended Ku-Band transponders will be used by Shaw Direct to provide Direct-To-Home Television services to Canada. The Ku- and C-Band payload will provide extension and follow-on capability at the 107.3-degree West Location co-located with Anik F1R. Additionally, Anik G1 provides a single channel in the reverse Direct Broadcast Service band.

In addition to DTH, Anik G1 will provide a range of telecommunication services.

Anik G1 has a liftoff mass of 4,905 Kilograms and will operate in Geosynchronous Orbit for at least 15 years.