Soyuz to launch O3b FM13 - FM16

A Russian-built Soyuz rocket is set for liftoff from the Guiana Space Center on Friday with the fourth set of four O3b broadband Internet satellite for operator SES. The Soyuz ST-B will be in action for nine-and-a-half minutes before the Fregat-MT upper stage takes over for a four-burn mission of over two hours to lift the satellites into a Medium Earth Orbit directly above the equator from where they will connect parts of the world where access to the Internet is not readily available by conventional means.

Live Video by Arianespace

Launch Date: March 9, 2018Launch Updates
T-0 Target: 16:37:06 UTCO3b Satellite & Constellation
Launch Site: ELS; French GuianaSoyuz ST-B Launch Vehicle
Launch Vehicle: Soyuz ST-B/Fregat-MTCountdown Timeline
Payload: O3b FM13-16 (2,800kg)Flight Profile
Ascent Duration: 2 Hours 23 MinutesArianespace Archive
Target Orbit: 7,830km circular, 0.04°