Atlas V - OSIRIS-REx - Launch Profile

Launch Timeline

Time Event
T-0:00:02.7 Stage 1 - RD-180 Ignition
0:00:00:00 Booster Ignition
T+0:00:01.1 Liftoff
T+0:00:02.1 Full Thrust Level
T+0:00:06.7 Pitch/Roll Maneuver Initiation
T+0:00:56.9 Mach 1
T+0:01:08:6 Maximum Dynamic Pressure
T+01:34 SRB Burnout
T+0:02:19.0 Single SRB Separation
RL-10 Boost Phase Cool-Down
Centaur RCS Pyro Valve Initiation
Stage 1 Throttle down for MECO
T+0:04:02.8 Main Engine Cutoff
T+0:04:08.8 Atlas/Centaur Separation
T+0:04:18.8 Centaur Ignition 1 - Burn Duration: 8:03.7
T+0:04:26.8 Payload Fairing Jettison
T+0:12:22.5 Centaur Cutoff 1
T+0:12:22.5 Coast Phase - Duration: 21:25.7
T+0:33:48.2 Centaur Ignition 2 - Burn Duration: 6:50.1
T+0:40:38.6 Centaur Cutoff 2
T+0:40:38.6 Coast Phase - Duration: 15:00.0
T+0:55:38.6 OSIRIS-Rex Spacecraft Separation
T+1:21:58.6 Start Blowdown
T+1:56:58.6 End of Atlas V Mission

Launch Window

Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 411

Launch Period: Sep. 8 - Oct. 12, 2016

Window Duration: 115 to 120 Minutes
(Discrete launch opportunities every 5 min)
Window Opening (Sep. 8): 23:05 UTC
Window Opening (Sep. 9): 23:10 UTC
Window Opening (Sep. 10): 23:05 UTC

Launch Azimuth: 89 Degrees

Target Orbit

Type: Heliocentric Orbit
Perigee: 207.6 Kilometers
Inclination: 28.5°
C3 (Characteristic Energy): 29.30km²/s²
DLA: 0.09°
RLA: 177.0°

Image: NASA
Image: NASA
Ground Track Map
Map: United Launch Alliance
Map: United Launch Alliance
Image: NASA
Image: NASA