Live - Juno arrives at Jupiter

Arriving at its destination after a five-year, 2.8-billion Kilometer journey through the solar system, NASA's Juno spacecraft is set to become only the second spacecraft to enter orbit around Jupiter. Over a decade of work hinge on a 35-minute Jupiter Orbit Insertion (JOI) maneuver to be made Monday night, July 4/5, 2016.

Launch: August 5, 2011Mission Updates
Jupiter Orbit Insertion: July 5, 2016Mission & Trajectory Design
JOI Sequence Start: 01:13 UTC (ERT)Orbit Insertion Timeline
JOI Burn Start: 03:18 UTC (ERT)Spacecraft Information
Communications Delay: 48 MinutesInstrument Overview
Burn Duration: 35 Minutes NASA Eyes Real Time Sim
Change in Velocity: 541.7m/s 
Target Orbit Duration: 53.5 Days