Launch Profile - Falcon 9 - FormoSat-5

Time Event
T-0:00:03 Merlin Engine Ignition
T-0:00:00 Liftoff
T~0:00:16 Pitch Kick & Roll Maneuver
T+0:01:09 Maximum Dynamic Pressure, Throttle Down
T~0:01:45 Stage 2 - Merlin Vac Engine Chilldown
T+0:02:28 MECO - First Stage Cutoff
T+0:02:32 Stage Separation
T~0:02:34 1st Stage Maneuver out of 2nd Stage Plume
1st Stage Re-Orientation to Engines first
T+0:02:39 Mvac Ignition
T+0:02:53 Payload Fairing Jettison
T~:03:15 1st Stage Partial Boostback (?)
T+0:08 2nd Stage Terminal Guidance Mode
T+0:08:45 1st Stage Re-Entry Burn
T+0:08 2nd Stage Flight Termination System safe
T+0:09:17 2nd Stage Engine Shutdown
T~0:10:15 1st Stage Landing Burn
T+0:10:47 1st Stage Landing
T+0:11:18 FormoSat-5 Separation

Launch Data

Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 FT
Launch Site: SLC-4E Vandenberg, California
Launch Date: August 24, 2017
Window: 18:51-19:33 UTC
Payload: FormoSat-5 (475 kg)

Ascent Duration: 11 Minutes

Backup: August 25, 2017 - 18:51 UTC

First Stage Recovery: Landing on JRTI

Target Orbit:
Type: Sun Synchronous Transfer Orbit
Altitude: 720 Kilometers
Inclination: 98.28°

Image: NSPO
Image: NSPO
Image: SpaceX
Image: SpaceX