Secretive X-37B Space Plane sets new Endurance Record

The U.S. Air Force X-37B OTV-4 spacecraft on Saturday surpassed the record for the longest flight duration of any mission in the clandestine program, marking 675 days in orbit for the small winged space plane on its current mission reportedly dedicated to a series of technical demonstrations and space experiments.

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China’s Quantum Communications Trailblazer declared Operational after Stellar Performance

China’s Quantum Science Satellite was declared operational this week after five months of in-orbit testing, now set for a busy two-year mission demonstrating hack-proof communications by means of entangled photons as a trailblazer for what is widely considered the communications technology of the future.

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High Orbital Delivery of Galileo Satellite Quartet captured by Ground-Based Telescope

Unique photos captured last week’s Ariane 5 launch with a quadruplet of Galileo navigation satellites but observers also had eyes high in the sky to capture equally tantalizing views of the four satellites arriving at their orbit destination nearly 23,000 Kilometers above the Earth.

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