Ariane 5 Mission VA233

Europe's Ariane 5 rocket is set to rumble off from South America on Thursday to carry into orbit the first quadruplet of Galileo Navigation Satellites, expanding the constellation to enter initial operational services.

Ariane 5 is set for liftoff at precisely 13:06:48 UTC on Thursday, embarking on a three-hour and 56-minute climb into an orbit nearly 23,000 Kilometers in altitude, sending the four 700-Kilogram satellites off in pairs.

Launch: November 17, 2016Launch Updates
Launch Time: 13:06:48 UTCGalileo Spacecraft
Launch Vehicle: Ariane 5 ESAriane Launch Vehicle
Launch Site: ELA-3, Guiana Space CenterCountdown Timeline
Ascent Duration: 3 Hours & 56 MinutesFlight Profile
Payload: 4 Galileo Satellites 
Target Orbit: 22,925km, 54.57° 
Payload Mass: 3,290kg