Photos: Soyuz blasts off from French Guiana with Sentinel-1B Radar Satellite

Finally lifting off on its fourth launch attempt, a Russian-built Soyuz rocket successfully carried Europe’s Sentinel-1B satellite into orbit on Monday ahead of a four-hour secondary mission to deliver the French MicroSCOPE satellite and three University CubeSats.

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Soyuz lifts Sentinel-1B Radar Satellite to Orbit, Fregat Stage completes long Multi-Orbit Flight

A Russian-built Soyuz rocket topped by a Fregat Upper Stage lifted off from French Guiana on Monday on a long mission to deliver Europe’s Sentinel-1B environmental monitoring satellite, the French MicroSCOPE fundamental physics experiment satellite, and three small CubeSats from European universities into custom orbits .

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Soyuz set for Multi-Orbit Mission with Sentinel-1B Radar Satellite & MicroSCOPE Physics Experiment

A Soyuz rocket stands tall at its equatorial launch site in French Guiana for liftoff on Friday with the Sentinel-1B radar satellite to join Europe’s Copernicus satellite constellation dedicated to Earth observation.

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