ISS Astronauts set for challenging Spacewalk to Reconfigure external Cooling Systems

Following up on their successful spacewalk last Wednesday, International Space Station Astronauts Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly are gearing up to head outside again this Friday to complete the reconfiguration of an external cooling radiator system and return it to a normal configuration.

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Satellite Re-Entry witnessed from Northern United States

The NFIRE Near Field Infrared Experiment satellite of the Missile Defence Agency re-entered the atmosphere on Wednesday after eight and a half years in orbit to complete a demonstration mission of sensing equipment for the detection of thermal signatures of ascending ballistic missiles and the differentiation between the missile’s plume and the rocket itself.

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Debut Launch of Super Strypi Rocket fails during First Stage Flight

Conducting its premiere launch, a Super Strypi rocket streaked into the afternoon skies over the island of Kauai, Hawaii on Tuesday in a long-awaited demonstration mission. Shortly after the rocket’s liftoff its flight pattern became erratic as the spin-stabilized launch vehicle appeared to enter an uncontrollable swaying motion that increased in rate before video of the launch cut out.

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