WT1190F Mystery Object to re-enter Friday, Observation Campaign ready for Takeoff

The WT1190F mystery object is a mere hours from meeting its fiery end when re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere south of India on Friday, but astronomers are still not sure of the object’s origins. WT1190F was observed on and off starting in 2009 and was positively identified as a human-made object likely originating in a mission to the Moon. Possibly, it represents a component of one of the Apollo rockets or spacecraft, but it may also be a remnant of a more recent mission to the Moon.

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Good Orbit for Badr-7 & GSAT-15 after on-target Ariane 5 Launch

The closing mission of 2015 for Europe’s Ariane 5 rocket delivered its two payloads to an on-target orbit as evident in orbital data released by the Joint Space Operations Center. Ariane 5 lifted off from the Guiana Space Center on Tuesday at 21:34 UTC, carrying the Badr-7 and GSAT-15 satellites to an optimized Geostationary Transfer Orbit.

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