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Soyuz MS-07

A three-time Soyuz Commander and two rookie Astronauts from Japan and the U.S. lifted off from a freezing Baikonur Cosmodrome on December 17, 2017 atop a Soyuz FG rocket to begin a pre-holiday commute International Space Station. Anton Shkaplerov and his Flight Engineers Norishige Kanai & Scott Tingle enjoyed a smooth nine-minute ride on the Soyuz rocket before their Soyuz MS-07 spacecraft was set free for a two-day rendezvous with the Space Station. Docking is planned on Tuesday, December 19 to mark the arrival of the second half of the Expedition 54 crew aboard their home in space.

Launch: December 17, 2017 Mission Updates
Launch Time: 07:21:00 UTC Soyuz MS Spacecraft
Launch Vehicle: Soyuz FG Soyuz FG Launch Vehicle
Launch Site: 1/5 Baikonur Countdown Timeline
Ascent Duration: 8 Min & 48 Sec Soyuz MS-07 Flight Profile
Payload: Soyuz MS-07 (7,220kg) Photo Galleries
Target Orbit: 200 x 242km, 51.6° Video Galleries
Docking: September 19 – 08:43 UTC ISS Expedition 54

Real Time Updates
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