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Soyuz MS-01

An international trio of International Space Station Crew Members is set for an overnight return to Earth on October 29/30, 2016 to conclude a mission of 115 days.  Soyuz Commander Anatoli Ivanishin and Flight Engineers Takuya Onishi and Kate Rubins are set to undock from the Space Station at 0:35 UTC to start a two-and-a-half-hour free flight ahead of the critical deorbit burn that will put the Soyuz MS-01 spacecraft on a path to a blazing re-entry. The parachute-assisted homecoming of the crew is expected at 3:59 UTC in the Southern Landing Zone in South-Central Kazakhstan.

Launch Date: July 7, 2016 Mission Updates
Mission Duration: 115 Days 22.5 Hours Soyuz MS Spacecraft
Docking Port: Rassvet Landing Profile
Return to Earth: Oct. 29/30, 2016 Soyuz FG Launch Vehicle
Hatch Closure: 21:15 UTC Soyuz MS-01 Flight Profile
Undocking: 0:35 UTC Photo Galleries
D/O Burn: 03:06 UTC (277 sec, 128m/s) Video Galleries
Landing: 03:59 UTC  
Landing Site: 148km S-E of Dzhezkazgan  

Real Time Updates
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