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PSLV to Lift 31 Satellites

India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is set for liftoff from the Satish Dhawan Space Center on Friday at 3:58 UTC on its return to flight mission, coming back after an August 2017 failure to open up India’s 2018 campaign by lifting a total of 31 satellites. The PSLV C40 mission is carrying India’s Cartosat-2F imaging satellite as primary payload, two Indian micro/nano satellites and 28 international rideshare payloads of different shapes and sizes, flying on PSLV under a commercial arrangement.

Live Video by DD News

Launch Date: January 12, 2018 LEO Vantage 1
Launch Time: 03:59 UTC MicroSat-TD
Launch Vehicle: PSLV XL Carbonite-2
Launch Site: FLP, Satish Dhawan ICEYE X1
Ascent Mission: 2 Hours  Arkyd-6
Payload: 31 Satellites (1,323kg)  CICERO 7
Target Orbits: 505 km, 97.46°  Corvus-BC3
Launch Updates INS-1C
PSLV Launch Vehicle Overview PicSat
Cartosat-2F Main Payload MicroMAS-2
Flight Profile CANYVAL-X
  CNUSail 1
  Flock-3p’ (4 Sats)
  Lemur 2y (4 Sats)
  STEP Cube Lab
  STEP Cube Lab

Real Time Updates
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