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Proton to Launch AsiaSat 9

Russia’s Proton Rocket is ready for its fourth flight in 2017, targeting a September 28 liftoff with the AsiaSat 9 communications satellite destined for a Geostationary Transfer Orbit to embark on a 15-year mission. Carrying a tri-band communications payload, AsiaSat 9 will provide replacement and expansion coverage for the aging AsiaSat 4 satellite that is approaching the end of its planned service life.

Carrying the 6,140kg satellite, the Proton-M is set for a standard ten-minute ride into a sub-orbital trajectory before the Briz-M upper stage takes over for a five-burn, nine-hour mission profile to methodically increase the orbital altitude and reduce inclination.

Live Video by Roscosmos / Tsenki (Live ILS Webcast, from L-20 min)

Launch Date: September 28, 2017 Launch Updates
Launch Time: 18:52:16 UTC AsiaSat 9 Overview
Launch Site: Site 200/39, Baikonur Cosmodrome Proton-M Launch Vehicle
Launch Vehicle: Proton-M/Briz-M Countdown Timeline
Payload: AsiaSat 9 (6,140kg) Launch Profile
Ascent Duration: 9 Hours & 13 Minutes Russian Archive
Target Orbit: 4,045 x 35,786km, 23.4°

Real Time Updates
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