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H-IIA to launch QZS-2

Japan’s H-IIA rocket is set for liftoff on Thursday carrying into orbit the second satellite of the country’s Quasi-Zenith Satellite System providing augmentation to the Global Positioning System. Targeting a highly elliptical orbit, H-IIA will be in action for 28 minutes and fire its upper stage twice before sending the 4,100-Kilogram satellite on its way into orbit. QZS enhanced the availability of GPS over the Japanese Islands and the country’s urban canyons while also delivering augmentation messages to increase navigation accuracy to one meter.

Live Video by JAXA

Launch Date: June 1, 2017 Launch Updates
Launch Time: 0:17:46 UTC Quasi-Zenith Satellite System
Launch Site: Tanegashima Space Center H-IIA 202 Launch Vehicle
Launch Vehicle: H-IIA 202 Countdown Timeline
Payload: QZS-2 (4,100kg)  Flight Profile
Ascent Duration: 28 min & 34 sec
Target Orbit: 250 x 36,140km, 31.9°

Real Time Updates
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