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H-IIA Launches Himawari-9

Japan’s H-IIA Rocket is set for liftoff from Tanegashima Island, carrying into orbit the Himawari-9 third generation meteorological satellite, one of the most advanced weather satellites in the world. Screaming away from its picturesque sea-side launch pad, H-IIA will complete a 28-minute ascent mission to deliver the 3,500-Kilogram satellite to a highly elliptical Geostationary Transfer Orbit.

Live Video by JAXA.

Launch Date: November 2, 2016 Launch Updates
Window: 06:20 – 9:18 UTC Himawari-9 Satellite
Launch Site: Tanegashima Island H-IIA Launch Vehicle
Launch Vehicle: H-IIA 202 (SRB-A3) Countdown Timeline
Payload: Himawari-9 (3,500kg) Launch Profile
Ascent Duration: 18 Minutes  
Target Orbit: 250 by 35,976km, 22.4°  

Real Time Updates
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