november, 2017

25nov00:00Electron • Still TestingNET 2nd Half of November

Event Details

Launch Date: NET 2nd Half of November 2017
Launch Window: TBA
Launch Vehicle: Electron
Launch Operator: Rocket Lab
Launch Site: Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1, Mahia, New Zealand
Payloads: 2 Flock CubeSats
2 Lemur-2 CubeSats
Mission Name: Still Testing


Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket will embark on its second test flight, christened ‘Still Testing,’ from the company’s Mahia launch complex on New Zealand’s North Island. Electron’s first test flight showed promising results and served as an overall demonstration of the vehicle’s design, though failed to reach orbit which has been made the primary goal of Still Testing. Employing electron-pump-fed engines and an all-composite structure, Electron has been designed to carry small satellites into orbit to tap into an as of yet unexplored market sector. Still Testing will carry at least four 3U CubeSats from operators Planet & Spire.


Mission Resources:

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🛰 Payload Overview: Spire’s Lemur Satellites

Launch Weather

📍 Launch Site Schedule


(Saturday) 00:00 UTC


Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1

Mahia 4198, New Zealand