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Vega to Launch Sentinel-2B

Europe’s Vega rocket is set for liftoff from the Guiana Space Center Monday night, carrying into orbit the Sentinel-2B satellite set to join the Copernicus Earth Observation Constellation tasked with capturing a comprehensive data set for a variety of applications. Thundering off from French Guiana for the ninth time, Vega will fire its three solid-fueled rocket stage in close succession before the AVUM upper stage takes over for a two-burn mission, setting up for spacecraft separation one hour after liftoff.

Live Video by ESA

Launch Date: March 7, 2017 Launch Updates
Window: 01:49:24 UTC Sentinel-2B Satellite
Launch Site: ZLV, French Guiana Vega Launch Vehicle
Launch Vehicle: Vega Countdown Timeline
Payload: Sentinel-2B (1,130kg) Launch Profile
Mission Duration: 1 Hour & 57 Min  Sentinel Missions
Target Orbit: 786km, 98.57°  

Real Time Updates
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