Successful H-IIA Launch delivers second Member of Japan’s GPS Augmentation Constellation

A Japanese H-IIA rocket screamed away from the country’s Tanegashima Space Center on Thursday, dispatching an innovative satellite into orbit to join a constellation of spacecraft enhancing the availability and accuracy of Global Positioning System navigation services over the Japanese Islands and Asia-Pacific Region.

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Japan’s H-IIA successfully places Radar Reconnaissance Satellite in Orbit

Japan successfully launched a radar reconnaissance satellite into orbit on Friday to replenish the country’s fleet of intelligence-gathering satellites primarily dedicated to advance warning of hostile missile launches in Japan’s neighborhood.

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Japanese H-IIA Rocket Launches DSN-2 Military Communications Satellite

Japan’s H-IIA rocket lifted off from the picturesque Tanegashima Space Center on Tuesday, successfully carrying the DSN-2 military communications satellite into orbit to upgrade the secure X-Band communications system used by the government and armed forces.

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