Advertising Overview

6570329With timely coverage of all worldwide orbital launches, scientific space missions, and general space news stories, Spaceflight101 is covering all areas of interest in the field of space news.

As Spaceflight101 establishes itself as a reliable source for timely and accurate space news with special focus on the technical aspect of space flight, we can now offer advertisement/sponsorship options.

These options are available to anyone – from personal sites, social media accounts or blogs through to small businesses and corporate campaigns.

We offer advertising options on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, not CPM, CPC or impression-based, but pricing is obviously based on overall visitation trends to offer competitive rates when compared with space-themed sites reaching a similar readership.
In contacting us, you can name your desired campaign cost and placement desires that may range from an individual placement on a chosen page to advertising in prominent spots visible to all of the site’s visitors.

Banner sizes range from 125 x 125 buttons up to prominent leaderboards – numerous size options and positions are available – no ad rotation is employed – the spot you choose will be yours and yours only for the duration of your campaign and we can accommodate changes in your ad placement and/or graphics throughout your campaign.

For any questions and inquiries on ad placements, available slots & pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us.